Director General's Message

Our designs are universally known. India wants to become one of the prime movers of the world economy as it has developed definite synergic approach. Such effort consists of ever deepening trust in human values and soaring passion for modernization full of vigour, vitality and beauty. Global economy seems to be assuming measurable proportion. Market is virtually zooming. Trade is picking up. Investment is increasing. Construction opens up a new vista. Fashion business seems to be fascinating. Culture activities are getting multiplied. Recession is dead long live recovery. Despite scarce rain nation is restive for growth. Despite rising price, the graph of purchasing power of the consumer is expanding. Yet, stringent measures must be taken to contain the prices. Employment opportunity seems to be more extensive. Production accelerates size of business. Labour power is getting re-organized with better training and skill. Retail trade is gaining ground. Micro-financing is seen as accessible procedure. Banking resists the pressure of recession. Greater monetary integration is in offing. Yet only twenty percent Indians have joined so far the race for mobile, telephone, car and other sophisticated gadgets. Vast rural hinterland is ready for modernization through marketing and industry. Yet three fourth Indians are far away from availing sarak, pani and bijali services. How to manage pervasive growth is the immediate task of the management institutes and their human products.

img Concomitantly, no mission can be actualized unless it has the propitious infrastructural facilities provided by the management institute, the Master School of Management. Our system is committed to its missionary objective as it is becoming more responsive. Since it is service oriented, it wants to serve each one of the inmates. It is transparent, accountable and facilitative. Logically institute’s caring alertness and procedural efficiency are visible. The faculty members and the students have increasing quest for superior technology. Here informative system and its internet unit appear to be effectively working. Latest up dated library is motivating the faculty members and students to sharpen their knowledge. Available records indicate brilliant performance and admirable ranking of the school in the galaxy of management institutes of the country.

For such ideals to be realized, guru’s role becomes pre-eminent for mingling mental vision with material reality. Knowledge acquires new edge for consequential result. Teachers have innate zeal to spread knowledge. Increasing research expands the valency of knowledge. Codifying the instructional data has become the habit of the teachers. They appear to be the bearers of specialized knowledge meant for instigating the students into art and science of business.

Yet it is the body of questful students who provide the support base for such a priceless making of the country. New generation wants to acquire productive knowledge. In place of conventional learning our students want tech savvy procedure. They want to use energy for synergic making. The students have increasing appetite for competition through quiz and seminar, discussions, practical and symposium. Field study converts their formal knowledge into operative strategy. The students are induced to cultivate respect for bare teaching and they are ready to hazard risk. They are positioned in the class for creative reciprocal discussion as they have vision to move out local, regional and national boundaries. With full grip of formal course, they want to take a big leap in expanding business environments as they are restive for enterprise and adventure.

Everything said and done, the business and industrial environment requires being conducive and productive. It is here that corporate sector have extended meticulous cooperation in terms of field training, campus selection,and subsequent placement in their valuable establishment. More than that, they have always been ready to cooperate in terms of exchange of their staff for teaching symposium and seminars. Such overwhelming support has enabled us to do our business as per our mission and objectives.

I wish the students a joyous journey of purposive learning and strategic operation in a peace and prosperity loving community. In any case I have a basket of good will for your excellent future.