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26th Jan 2017,"The Republic day ceremony” at MSM


The day looms up with a light of nationality and awareness, not for one but for all. The sun on this day has a way of making every pride and hon-or of dedication visible on the day dated 26th Jan 2017, "The Republic day ceremony”. The day is dedicated to all our respective honors of our coun-try and likewise we the student of MSM too tried to upscale this day with a dedication as the day starts with the formal parade on field performs by the students of 2016-18 batch. It was an immense of pleasure being part of this program. The whole parade was coordinated by Abhishek Pundir and team. The day drives with its flow when the flag hosting was being honored by our chairman sir and a heart full of the bliss of our national anthem whispered on the lips around.

Now the further cultural event was efficiently organized by the cultural committee which already was successful in creating a pleasing stroke for the audience and very well executed by the cultural holders to add a vari-ance which the day receives for itself. The day also brings up with stu-dents along with their great vision of independence and liberty means to them in accordance with their artistic approach to their youthful creativi-ty and luster of their words embedded in their rhythm of a piece of the poem on the stage in front, As those minds were Garima, Abhishek Singh, and Vineet. Further was the glittering ambiance which was created by our two dance performers named as Akansha and Archana, concluded by the dedicated wave of respect by Shivani Singh in a piece of her singing art in the best notion of VANDE MATRAM for all.


Last but not the least the day emerged with the closing speech delivered by Prof. Vinay Singh which actually summarized all the bits and corners of students and what we should be keen to as an individual and the ways we can contribute to ourselves and the society around by the knowledge of giving and art of sustaining with the elegance of dignity and unity in abundant.