Summer Internship

We at MSM believe that theoretical knowledge can never replace the practical experience of working in the world out there and summer internships form an integral part of the curriculum.
The summer training also stimulates in shaping the sense of skills and abilities and interests of the students. In order to succeed, it also helps in providing the additional focus in identifying the areas where they need to develop deeper knowledge and skills.
As part of the curriculum, each student is required to undertake a project work of direct relevance to the concerned organization for a period of approximately eight weeks. For a period of eight week students work in the mentorship of a senior manager of the company as well as senior faculty member of the institute. Besides, working in the company the students undertake project work to understand the enterprise in the holistic manner. For this students interact and collect facts from various stakeholders as well as from the enterprise. After that, such data is processed and analyzed to provide findings amenable to assist the decision making of the enterprise. On one hand particularities of such investigation convert the impression of the students into real field experience and on the other help the enterprise to formulate it's decision with some amount of reliability. The student is subsequently required to appear for a viva-voce before a panel of experts to present the findings. MSM through industrial interface, management development & career development cells facilitates students in getting placed in various corporates for summer internship programs to learn under the guidance of the best practicing managers in the industries.