Director’s Message

The world requires new generation of global managers who would contribute to the development of their own organization as well provide leadership to the society to make the world a better place to live. In congruence to it, Master School of Management works with the vision “We aspire to have a value based society”. This vision of its founders has contributed significantly in developing skills, imbibing concepts and above all, shaping the values and attitude of the aspirant managers. MSM firmly believes that conceptual clarity and skills are important but the essence of wisdom is to develop intuitions and internalize knowledge, which are the function of values and attitude. For MSM, the attitude to learn to perform or in other words the hunger for knowledge and to act are the determining factors for growth.Walking through the corridors of the academic campus one could frequently hear faculties stressing on developing the attitude to learn and values to adhere. This is why in the unique pedagogy of MSM,values and attitudes precede everything. In consonance with it, we encourage the students to be open to new ideas, experiences, and directions. They also learn from among the best in the field and with the finest and brightest in the surrounding. The curriculum encourages analytical and critical thinking while the evaluation system focuses on the acquisition and application of knowledge, rather than conveying the information. At MSM, we promote academic excellence while nurturing young people to become moral and intellectual leaders, people of dignity, integrity and compassion who want to make difference in the world. This is done along with equipping students with competitive advantage in the business world by encouraging them to be inquisitive and make informed choices. They are nurtured to work in a world without boundaries and achieve results in a complex economic environment with perpetual change which requires them to be more flexible, agile and adaptable.To ensure that the management education is able to deal with global, technological and market changes it becomes imperative on the part of business schools to remain innovative in curriculum and pedagogy. We at MSM, believe that besides the management gurus the best sources to feel the pulse of corporate and understand their talent need are the practitioners. They are the rich source of the input to keep the curriculum and pedagogy abreast to the dynamics of national and global business world. MSM has now completed about sixteen years and many of its alumni have scaled ladders of corporate hierarchy and are among the top executives of many corporate houses with strong network. These alumni remain in touch and assist the alma-matter, to keep the curriculum and pedagogy as close as possible to the corporate needs. Following this practice religiously, innovation in pedagogy has become one of the core competencies of MSM.

Teaching in MSM is not just stocking the young minds with concepts and stale information but is blend of distinctive modern multiple methodologies comprising of management seminars, business plans, simulation games, paper presentations, book review competitions, quizzes, debates and taking up live projects, aiming to prepare students to test the relevance of every concept and learning in terms of its applicability and make learning a quest and not destination. On behalf of MSM family, I welcome you to join us find a path way to a bright future and become our learning partner in our endeavor to develop skilled and talented professionals to serve the society.>