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MSM has always aspired to be the vanguard for providing informed and efficient professional to the industry who have the ability and desire to be innovative and effective leaders.

Over the years MSM has developed its abilities in multifarious ways to comprehend the dynamics of change in business and society - and the challenges and opportunities generated in the process of change . Enriched by experience and constant endeavors for excellence, MSM enrich students with the abilities to deal with the myriad complexities with cool dexterity.

The teaching-learning process at MSM is a judicious mix of broad spectrum of innovation as well time tested practices.

In Class Instruction

  • Faculty Lectures
  • Guest Lectures
  • Assignments
  • Open Book Examination
  • Multimedia Lecture
  • Scenario Analysis, Case Analysis
  • Group Discussions
  • Quiz
  • Group Presentations
  • Role Play
  • Online Submissions
  • Debates

External Learning

  • Summer Internship Program
  • Industrial Visits
  • Live Projects
  • Seminars and Summits
  • Research Paper Presentations

Industry Scenario Learning

  • Business Simulation Games
  • Business Plan Presentations
  • Business Analysis
  • Seminars and Summits
  • Action Research

At MSM students come from diverse cultural and social backgrounds, therefore individual attention is a top priority and integral part of pedagogy in order to neutralize the deficiencies and enhance the strengths.Various programs are carried out on an ongoing basis in order to bring out individual talent and work on personal specifies.

Few mandatory trainings carried out during the academic tenure:

  • Personality Development
  • After Class Tutorials
  • Business Communication
  • Behavioral Training
  • I.T. Tools Training
Understanding of a topic in its entirety takes shape when penned down. Students grasp over a subject is best understood by how they pen it down in their own words. Papers written and presented, are brainchild of extensive study gelled with literary acumen. Knowledge enrichment and creativity: is how MSM look at paper presentations and, thus, it is of utmost priority to us that we persuade the students to write and present papers on various topics. At MSM Paper presentation has been proved a time tested effective tool of expanding the knowledge base, building confidence, improving oratory skills are some of the frills that students associate with paper presentations.

At MSM, in-house paper presentations are held at the institute at regular intervals to inculcate and upsurge the eagerness to study and engrave the understanding. Each student is provided with plentiful opportunities to present papers, not only at the institute itself but also at various other institutes of international repute like IIMs and ISB, Hyderabad and management bodies like All India Management Association, Madras Management Association and host of other national and international forums. Our students have added many feathers in their caps, and also of their alma-mater by winning recognition and laurels in research paper presentation at various forums.
Tactical analysis and prudent interpretation is a hallmark of a business leader. Management horizons recognize the magnitude of research and development and research methodology in decision making.

At MSM, students are actively engaged in research projects to develop skills and attitude to investigate and analyze issues and revalidate existing facts in systematic manner. Research projects at MSM are means to encourage students to explore new horizon of knowledge and develop inquisitiveness, creativity and innovativeness.
With opportunities galore, entrepreneurial skills in budding managers are set to face stern test from counterparts around. In a world, where survival of the fittest is a proven phenomenon, a well knitted business plan and its' precise execution is the need of the hour. However, the onus is on the individual to come up with a feasible plan that has been given a shape after much deliberation on all facets of business. It is this aspect of learning that makes the contribution of an institute very much pertinent. The guile of a student, eagerness to learn the nuances of the trade coupled with the untiring effort of the faculty to polish the aptitude and mould the attitude, instill an idea of a realistic entrepreneurial venture ahead.

We, at MSM, not only provide the platform for presenting such business plans but also are in constant pursuit of refinement, as our students regularly get a chance to lock horns with their future competitors at various events across the country, judge themselves and be the beneficiary. Some business plans presented at MSM have indeed turned in business ventures.
With the advent of information technologies and powerful computational tools, data analytics is used in nearly all stations. Activities like predicting the next oil price, creating new financial instruments, reducing the costs of seeds in a field or even selecting the next baseball team, all use data analytics.

Data analytics in MSM is delivered through Activity Based Learning (ABL) a third generation learning technique. In this students directly learn the industrial application themselves by performing the data analytics activities during the sessions. Students learn to create financial dashboards, create tool for sales force management; solve customer segmentation problem, macros and much more during the program from the experts who have rich experience in the analytics field. Students are given an exposure to the big data which is repeatedly predicted to be the next best thing in the world of business and analytics.

As the amount of digitized data in the world doubles every year and only less than 1% of it is analyzed, the demand of the analytics jobs is set to increase. At MSM we realize the changing needs of the business and prepare our students to be employable in analytics in the future.
Every organization at every stage of its existence has a story to tell. It may be the story of a visionary start-up or a heroic turnaround; it may be a tale of exemplary business ethics or the successful handling of crisis. The same holds true for business leaders. At every stage of a manager's career, there will be a story to tell – be it that of an ambitious entrepreneur, a management graduate recruit or a newly appointed CEO.

Leaders like J.R.D. Tata, DhirubhaiAmbani, AzeemPremzi, Sunil Mittal, Rahul Bajaj, NandanNilekani, KiranMazumdar Shaw, Indira Nooyi, Ratan Tata, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Narayan Murthi, Dr. Md. Yunus, Karshanbhai Patel, Dr. E. Sreedharan and many more, overthe years shown consummate grit, resilience and spirit to top the charts and created their own stories that are a source of inspiration and learning to today's budding managers.

Here, at MSM, students share and compete in presenting the history created by such master craftsmen, through Corporate Story Competition, conducted every month.
A good manager is expected to possess multidimensional knowledge and not only proficiency on a specific subject matter. It is also believed that knowledge quotient seem to expand when ideas are exchanged with peers. It is this philosophy that has led to conduct Seminars at regular intervals wherein students are encouraged to exchange and share their learning on a particular topic. One of the foremost pre-requisites for students at this level is the oratory skills and being able to convey their message through delivering basic oral presentations. Frequent participation in seminars induces students to explore new horizons and also infuse a sense of confidence in delivery.
It is highly imperative that students learn to adapt situations and be able to persuade others in the way they interpret that situation. It requires factual accuracy and logic to turn the tide in ones favor. It is these qualities that a Debate develops in a student. Though logical consistency, factual accuracy as well as some emotional appeal to audience are important elements of the art of persuasion, in debating, one side often prevails over the other side by presenting superior "context" and/or framework of the issue, which is far more subtle and strategic. All these, within a rule based framework, defines how they will interact. The major goal of conducting debates is to develop one's ability to play from either position, either speaking affirmatively or negatively, with equal ease.
Reading is habit that leads to learning. But for that, proper understanding and meaningful interpretation is necessary. Individuals are often referred to as management gurus, business leaders and scholar of eminence when they pen down their experiences, the books are bestsellers. These books speak about philosophy, ethics, experiences of life, strategy, decision making under stressful situation, managing self at difficult times and many more.

MSM students not only get the opportunities to read such books but also share their understanding and learning with fellow students through the platform of Book Review Competition.
Constantly changing economic scenario round the globe has resulted in fluctuating fortune for business houses. Those better equipped for such a debacle survived; others perished. The entire hard work assimilated over the years fizzed out in smoke for being too lackadaisical to accumulate, analyze and act according to happenings around. It is, thus, of utmost importance that one must keep himself updated with information involving various activities around him and be ready to offset the threat it possess or identify the opportunities and derive maximum benefit out of it.

'Newsmaster', at MSM, is one such program, by the students, that amass information about all such developments and disseminates it to the entire MSM family every fortnightly.
Application of theoretical acumen at ground realities effectively to achieve a desired result is what is expected from a manager. Thus, it is very much relevant that we provide a platform to students to apply their learning. It is like running an industry, in a virtual environment. The students assume different roles of CEO, CFO, CMO and COO in a compact team. In-house Simulation Games exactly provides this opportunity to every student. The recognition follows, as the standout performers, represent the institute at national and international level competitions.

Scintillating performances and the laurels achieved by our students, over each of the last six years, at the National Student Management Games (NSMG) conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA), has made MSM a name to reckon with in B-School circles across the country.
Quizzing intermingle academics with fun. Accounting Quiz, IT Quiz and Management Quiz are regular features in the academic calendar. Staying updated with the developments around in different functional areas assist students in decision making. Quiz enhances the receptivity, resulting in improved knowledge quotient of the students that keeps the door of their minds open, which is aptly echoed in the words 'when smart people works, doors are unlocked'. Winner of in-house quiz competition are rewarded with the privilege to represent the institute at national and international level competitions organized by AIMA, AIMS, Business Today and Corporate houses.