Summer Internship Program

Management studies have always mandated summer internships as an integral part of curriculums, as , it is the best way to apply all that has been learnt The summer internship also stimulates in shaping the sense of skills and abilities of the students as well as this practical exposure helps students in applying their existing skill set and skills requirements in the field, thereby helping them to know the knowledge and skill gaps .On completion of the internship when students get back to classes they along with their mentors bridge this gap. As students get to intern in various organizations it also helps them to develop a deeper insight in charting their career paths.

Summer Internship Program at MSM is a mandatory requirement of the curriculum for all the students as an vital tool of practical exposure and gaining insights.

At MSM summer internship as part of the curriculum, each student is also required to undertake a project work, for a period of approximately eight weeks, of immediate relevance to the concerned organization. During this period the student works in the joint mentorship of a senior manager of the company and senior faculty of the institute. Besides, the project, the student works to understand the enterprise in the holistic manner. For this students interact and collect facts from various stakeholders, including the enterprise. The information collected is processed and analyzed to generate findings amenable to assist the decision making in the enterprise. Thus, this process is on the on one hand exposes the students to the nuances of business world and on the other provide impartial analysis of the problems of the enterprise to help it in decision making.

The student is subsequently required to appear for a viva-voce before a panel of experts to present the findings of its Summer Internship project . MSM through industrial interface, management development & career development cells facilitates students in getting placed in various corporates for summer internship programs to learn under the guidance of the best practicing managers in the industries. At least 60% of the students going for summer internships get paid internships thus end up getting paid for learning. As a result of continuous internships 50% of the students get Pre Placement Offers from the companies that they intern in.

Glimpse of Summer Internship