About B.Com (Hons) & B.Com (Hons) Pro

A BCom (Hons) degree enables you to learn about all facets that make up a business operation. This includes helping you develop your analytical, technical, and creative skills. After graduating from the best B.Com (Hons) college in Meerut, you can rest assured about forging a path in the contemporary workforce.
  1. As the best B.Com (Hons) college in UP, MSM also offers dedicated careers and employability support for your prospects. Proactive career support helps you secure gainful employment and placement opportunities. It also offers networking goldmines and real-world scenarios to boost your confidence and skillset.
  2. The modules combine the spectrum of business operations – accounting, management, analytics, and marketing – with a knack for business sustainability, strategy and impact. In the process, you will develop critical interpersonal, leadership, analytical, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.
  3. At MSM, we have the Professional Version of our B.Com (Hons) Program (B.Com (Hons) Pro), designed to offer an enhanced educational experience to our students. In addition to the comprehensive B.Com (Hons) program, the Pro version provides students with exclusive benefits including extra certifications, a personal laptop, and an enriching international tour. This initiative aims to further refine and augment the skillset of our students, complementing the excellence of our existing B.Com(Hons) program.
  • Develop a fundamental understanding of business principles and practices, and a working knowledge of the world of business law, taxation, accounting, and auditing.
  • Enhance communication and interpersonal skills to work in diverse business environments, effectively collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders, and present complex ideas and data to a variety of audiences.
  • Gain specialized knowledge in areas such as marketing, HR, or finance.
  • Cultivate an awareness of ethical and social responsibility in business practices, including the impact of commerce on society and the environment.
Studying BCom (Hons) trains you in a variety of business functions, on top of a solid theoretical foundation, so you can step into the job market with confidence.
No other degree prepares you for the real world like a BCom (Hons) as it equips you with the right set of knowledge, skills, and practical exposure to the world of work.
  • Opportunity to build a strong foundation in core commerce subjects and explore where your passion lies.
  • Be workforce and career ready after three years through strong connections with industry and exposure to real-life business situations.
  • Transferable and soft skills enhance your employability manifold, as they prepare you for a future managerial role.
Learning about the practical aspects of businesses in your BCom (Hons) degree opens up a multitude of career options for you, ranging from large audit or finance consultancies, startups, to social enterprises.
  • Potential job profiles include accountant, business analyst, corporate/government relations officer, economist, financial dealer and broker, human resources specialist, investment banker, management consultant, marketing executive, project manager, and advertising and market research executive, among others.
  • Strong business acumen developed through the degree’s theory and practical can also be leveraged into bringing your business idea to life and pursuing an entrepreneurial venture.
  • Stepping stone: You can also use this degree as a pathway for other specialisations and qualifications such as Law, Economics, CA, CS, etc.

Selection criteria:

Merit-based; As per Rules of the U.P State Government/CCS University, Meerut


Class 12 with an aggregate of 50%


3 Years (Full-time), Semester Exams

Semester – 1 Semester – 2 Semester – 3
Financial Accounting Business Organizations Business Regulatory Framework
Principles of Management Advanced Financial Accounting Business Economics
Business Environment Business Entrepreneurship Cost and Management Accounting
Business Mathematics Business Statistics Business Communication
Business Communication Comprehensive Viva-Voce
Semester – 4 Semester – 5 Semester – 6
Insurance and Risk Management Company Accounts GST (Goods & service tax)
Income Tax Laws and Accounts Marketing Auditing
Company Law Economic Laws Elective Course
Human Resource Management Financial Management Project Based Viva-Voce
E. Commerce

Apart from the Core subjects, a student shall choose any one elective group in the VI Semester from the list given below and also submit a project on their specialization.


Investing In Stock Market
Advertising & Sales Management
Human Resource Management
Organization Design And Change Management

Fee Structure
Particulars B.Com (Hons) B.Com (Hons) Pro
Registration Fees Rs 600/- Rs 600/-
Academic Fees Rs 40,000/- P.A. Rs 73,000/- P.A.
Refundable Security
The candidates, in the first year, before the start of session are required to deposit the following Security Deposits, which shall be refunded at the completion of the course.
Security Rs 4,000/-

Lodging & Boarding Charges

Room Type AC Non AC
Single Rs 1,44,000/- P.A. Rs 1,13,000/- P.A.
2 Seater Rs 90,500/- P.A. Rs 75,000/- P.A.
3 Seater Rs 77,000/- P.A. Rs 65,000/- P.A.
Refundable Security
The candidates, in the first year, before the start of session are required to deposit the following Security Deposits, which shall be refunded at the completion of the course.
Security Rs 1,000/-


  1. Hostel charges per annum (P.A.) means hostel charges of academic session of 10 months duration.
  2. University Registration & Examination fee is paid directly to the university by the candidates.

Past Acedmic Record (In Rs.)
(Only 12th standard)
75%-80% 4000
80%-90% 5000
90%-95% 7000
95%-100% 8000
Past Acedmic Record (In Rs.)
(in 10th & 12th standard)
Throughout 75%-80% 6000
Throughout Above 80%-90% 7000
Throughout Above 90%-95% 10000
Throughout Above 95%-100% 12000
(In Rs.)
75-80 6000
Above 89-90 7000
above 90-95 10000
Above 95-100 12000
Female Scholership
(Promoting Woman Empowerment)
Rs. 4000
  1. No two scholarship can be combined except female scholarship, which can be combined with any (one/1) scholarship.
  2. B.Com scholarship is yearly
  3. To avail any scholarship in the 2 & 3 Year, the student will have to secure / score the following marks in university exams in the semester before the fee schedule :

    • 72% - 75% : 20% of the scholarship amount received in the 1st year of Admission
    • Above 75% - 77% : 40% of the scholarship amount received in the 1st year of Admission
    • Above 77% - 79% : 70% of the scholarship amount received in the 1st year of Admission
    • 80 % and above: 100% of the scholarship amount received in the 1st year of Admission

  4. 80% attendance is mandatory in individual subjects to be eligible for scholarship
  5. . In case the students skips to avail scholarship in any year, the student will not be eligible to avail scholarship further
  6. There should not have been any disciplinary action against the student.