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About Life at MSM

MSM is a fully residential campus experience unlike any other. It’s more than attending classes. It’s about having a scene of community and feeling that this place where you are living in is your home for the duration of the course where every major festival of every religion is celebrated together. It’s about enriching the educational experience for students by providing host of opportunities for interaction with one another and with faculty beyond the classrooms. It’s about exposing to different religion and cultures and making them adaptable.

Life @ Hostel

We have in campus Accommodations, and which is compulsory for outstation students, where we have separate buildings for boys and girls.

  1. Each room is Allotted to 2 students
  2. 24/7 Wi-Fi
  3. Badminton Court
  4. Library
  5. Study room
  6. Common Area
  7. Fully Functional Gymnasium
  8. Music room

An infrastructure cannot define the environment and vibes of the hostel. Living in hostel is an experience of a life time. Here is where one interacts and shares his/ her culture with students of different cultures and regions and learns to be in harmony with one another. This helps in the overall grooming of the students.

  1. Recent Activity Report

    MSM DIWALI CELEBRATIONS - 22 oct 2017 The first day of this five days festival is celebrated as DHANTERAS. The second day of this beautiful festival is celebrated as CHOTI DIWALI. The third and the main day is celebrated as DIWALI. Next day we celebrate GOVERDHAN POOJA. The last and the fifth day of this holy festival is celebrated as BHAI DOOJ. Read more

  2. Cultural Events – fresher’s, farewell, alumni Meet etc

    Alumni Meet: A walk down in nostalgia, Alumni Meet is an annual function and is organized by Alumnus of corresponding batches. This paves the way for our Alumni’s to get a chance to meet with their Faculty members, fellow Alumnus and students. Its gives and opportunity for students to interact with Alumnus and for Alumnus to guide students and share their experience of college and in cooperates. Read more

  3. Clubs & Committees

    Clubs and committees are a way for students to work in a fun and professional environment. Out to 12 Clubs and committees few of them are headed by Faculty members and rest of them are purely student operated and controlled with a limited guidance. Read more

  4. Insights

    A sneak peak though students lenses. Read more

  5. Alumni Speaks

    Someday many years from now We'll sit beside the candles glow Exchanging tales about our past And laughing as the memories flow And when that distant day arrives I know it will be understood That Alumni family is the key to live And we were family and it was good.” Read more

  6. Edutainment

    Being both academically and co-curricular talented help a student face the world. At MSM we impart students to develop all-over personality so that they step out as a perfect manager-cum-leader who can face every challenge with confidence. We provide our students an environment where they can learn through various interactive activities and games. Co-curricular activities undertaken side by side with curricular activities. These activities significantly take place outside general experience of pen and pencil classroom. It offers the student an opportunity of growing their skills and show their non academic capacities as well. Read more