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Cultural Events

All the Cultural events are organized annually on a periodic basis.
A walk down in nostalgia, Alumni Meet is an annual function and is organized by Alumnus of corresponding batches. This paves the way for our Alumni's to get a chance to meet with their Faculty members, fellow Alumnus and students. Its gives an opportunity for students to interact with Alumnus and for Alumnus to guide students and share their experience of college and in cooperates.
The very purpose of Fresher's day party is to welcome our newcomers in a friendly atmosphere and avoid social evils, to encourage their creative impulses and to boost their confidence. The Fresher's is a day where seniors and junior finally bond and unite to celebrate being part of the MSM.
It's a way to say goodbye to our dear senior students who are graduating from the college and entering a new phase of life. It is an expression of good wishes at parting.
MSM organizes various cultural events among them is Talent Hunt in which students of all classes and of different schools participates among each other on various different activities. For example Fancy Dress Competition, Dance Competition, and Battle of the Bands.
It an annually organized event for students where in In - Door and Out - Door games are played like Chess, Carrom Board, Badminton and Football, Volleyball, Kabadi, Cricket respectively. Faculty Members also participate in some of the events.