A Guide for BBA Aspirants to Help You Ace the UGAT Exam
 24-Aug-2021     Master School Of Management

For students enrolled in management degrees like BBA, the road to a successful and authoritative career is a steep learning curve. The challenges begin right when you appear for entrance exams like the Under Graduate Aptitude Test (UGAT) after your school. A good management degree can be your ticket to a high-reward career, a lucrative salary, and a fancy job title. Acing the UGAT exam and securing admission to an elite institution that focuses on holistic managerial education is the first and most important step.

For the uninitiated, UGAT is a standardized test administered by the All India Management Association (AIMA) annually to shortlist candidates for a number of management & allied undergraduate programs such as Integrated MBA, BBA, or even a Bachelors in Commerce.

The UGAT exam combines elements of psychometric tests like verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, situational judgement, to test a variety of your soft skills, knowledge, and aptitude for a managerial career. You can sit for the UGAT exam after your 10+2 (or equivalent qualification from a recognized board). If you’re appearing for your 10+2 and awaiting results, you can also appear for the exam. It can be taken as either a paper-based test or an internet-based test.

How can the UGAT exam help you get admission to the Best BBA College?

As mentioned previously, the UGAT exam seeks to test various aspects of your management aptitude, managerial fitness, and leadership potential — from analytical skills to comprehension, from logical deductions to business intelligence. Appearing for this exam & then scoring well is your ticket to admission into some of the Best BBA Colleges.

Here’s how the student and institution matching process works: an e-bulletin is brought out by AIMA that lists down all the Universities, Institutions, and Colleges that accept the UGAT score as a parameter for admissions. The candidates can list down 5 such educational institutions as their preferred place of study. Your data and scorecard are shared with each of these institutions. You are also provided with an individual scorecard to produce for any institution.

Choosing the best BBA College after your UGAT results

So, you have your UGAT results & you’ve aced the exam. All the hard work has borne fruit now that your UGAT scorecard is in your hands; your sectional score, composite score, as well as percentile are mentioned on the said scorecard. With an impeccable score, you’re ready to dive into the world of management. It’s time to use the figures on your scorecard and find the best BBA college.

Once the results are declared, all the UGAT participating educational institutions release their cut-offs. Each institute takes into account multiple factors when deciding on this cut-off figure, including the number of available seats, reservations, precious years’ cut-offs adjusted with the total number of candidates, and the difficulty level of the current year’s exam. If you qualify through a particular institution’s cut-off, you will be required to attend the counseling sessions. We suggest you use these sessions to gain insight into the curriculum and delivery model of your future degree.

It’s important that you find out how useful and hands-on the management training will be for you in the real world. For example, simulation activities to develop your managerial capabilities alongside legal and ethical rigour will boost your skills, give you confidence, and help in your holistic education. The Master School of Management (MSM) in Meerut incorporates these components in the curriculum, along with industrial visits, international excursions, etc.

The institution you choose will be your learning ground for a management career, so it’s important to go for a BBA College that offers an action-driven curriculum, exposure to the industry, and robust placement opportunities.

Most of all, choose a place of study that boosts your employability. Assess your options based on these parameters: for example, MSM is one of the best BBA colleges in North India for this reason. Owing to its Industry 4.0-aligned and oriented curriculum, it was awarded the Best Management Institute for Employability Skills in North India in 2019 by Assocham India & The Education Post. It has also received a Platinum category ranking by AICTE CII & an A+ ranking by Business India. Look for credentials like these.

How can you choose the Best BBA College in North India?

Before a plethora of enviable professional opportunities opens up for you, the first step is securing your management degree from an elite institution.

Employability is, evidently, the number 1 driver of student decisions, as it should be. You should choose an institution that supports the development of your competencies and skills needed in the workplace. These include both hard skills — ones that you learn as part of your formal education like data analytics, digital marketing, etc — as well as soft skills — the intangible skills like interpersonal skills, communication competencies, among others.

Graduate employers and graduate training schemes seek to hire students who can showcase these skills. Job readiness is the biggest gift your BBA education can provide you with. This is why MSM Meerut stands out as one of the Best BBA colleges in NCR. Let’s look at some important components you should look for in your BBA college after acing the UGAT exam.

A Curriculum Driven by Job-readiness

Your coursework shouldn’t be limited to classroom teaching of conventional subjects. Keeping your eye on the prize i.e landing a job at an impact-driven organization requires your skills to be updated. MSM is amongst the only colleges teaching Industry 4.0-based subjects comprehensively. The curriculum includes modules on Marketing Analytics, Web Analytics, Retail Analytics, Financial & Banking Analytics, HR Analytics, Fraud Analytics, Data Mining, Database Management System, Python, R, SQL, Tableau, Advanced Excel, Digital Marketing — all of which are high-demand hard skills among proactive employers.

Opportunities for industry exposure through live projects and networking opportunities

Nothing hones your employability skills and industry insights like a live project. If your institution places emphasis on internships and other out-of-classroom experiences, you have landed at the right place. As well as honing your skills and confidence, internships & live projects also provide you with a list of useful contacts, which could convert into a job in the future.

In today’s world, networking is a step you can’t afford to skip. Your BBA college should provide training as well as events to help you reach out, form connections, and build relationships in the industry that’ll boost your career. MSM has tie-ups and networking with professional and industrial bodies like AIMA, AIMS, CII, IIA, AMDISA, ISTD Network, and many more for various live projects, industry visits, guest speakers, management conferences, training programs and also providing industry exposures to our students.

Leadership Opportunities in College (Student Societies)

Equally important are the leadership experiences gained in college: whether you work up the ranks to the captain of a sports team or initiate a new project, clubs & Committees run for the student and by the student, like at MSM Meerut, are breeding grounds for future managers.

— Commercial awareness is harnessed only by being the company of proactive peers and industry professionals. So, if you choose wisely, your UGAT exam score could lead to a great first job where you can exhibit your understanding of the marketplace and have an edge over other graduates. Make a weighted decision about your BBA college.